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E-Cigarettes for Women, E-Cig Starter Kits, E-Cig Cases

E-Cigarettes for Women 

We know women and what you want in your first e-cigarette. We've done our research.

Vaping VampsTM is the only e-cigarette brand created by women, for women. 

Women don't just want the best e-cig starter kits at the best prices. You want a brand you can trust that will deliver on its promises. You want to connect with other women who will help you make the switch to e-cigarettes

Winter. A Perfect Time to Make the Switch.

It's winter. It's cold outside. Still going outside for a smoke?

It's the perfect time to switch to vaping.

Even if your city has banned vaping indoors (a HUGE mistake in our book!), you can still vape inside your car and home. Just think: no more smelly car! No more secondhand smoke! 


What about your husband or boyfriend? Would he prefer if you didn't smell and taste like cigarettes?

This reason alone could be why you'll want to try vaping. Isn't it time you made the the switch to the better, healthier, sexier alternative?!

Vaping Vamps has the best prices on the "cigalike." Our kits all contain a high-quality rechargeable lithium battery, and our flavors were all chosen by our Vaping Vamps tasting panel. Choose your favorite! 

Vanquish the Vile Stuff in Cigarettes


Are you a social smoker? Stay with the party!

Smoking cigarettes is not cool, now that there's a safer, smarter and sexier alternative called vaping!

  • The e cig has only four main ingredients; compared to 4,000 chemicals             in cigarettes.  
  • You smell better. No more stale stinky breath and clothing.
  • No such thing as secondhand smoke. You're blowing vapor!
  • You can vape inside many bars and restaurants. Stay with the party!

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Women and Smoking: The Facts

Smoking is unhealthy for women

Harmful Effects of Smoking

Women and smoking. It's not only unattractive; it's deadly. Women are at greater risk.

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Smoking and weight gain

Smoking & Weight Gain

Worried you'll gain weight if you quit smoking? Vaping can help. 

Don't try to lose weight by smoking

Lose Weight Smoking?

Smoking is not the way to lose weight. You need a different strategy.

Social smoking is still smoking

Social Smoking

Smoking when drinking? With vaping, you don't have to leave the party.

Secondhand smoke is harmful

Second-Hand Smoke

Second-hand smoke and children just don't go together.

Smoking causes wrinkles and makes you look older

Smoking and Wrinkles

Smoking causes wrinkles and is a surefire way to look older.

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Vaping VampsTM is an independent Minnesota company. Vaping Vamps e-cigarette starter kits and products are not affiliated or connected with e-cigarette starter kits or products made or sold by Vapor Brands or Vampire Brands.

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