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Compare E-Cigarette Brands

Compare E-Cigarette Brands


Curious to know how Vaping Vamps compares to other leading electronic cigarette brands?

Here's a quick and easy chart comparing the prices, features, flavors and other key factors of five other e-cigarette brands.

We think you'll agree that Vaping Vamps offers not only competitive prices on e-cigarette starter kits, but that extra 'feel-good' factor, knowing you're buying from a woman-owned company that donates a part of the proceeds from every sale to a non-profit that benefits women.


Prices are also without shipping and handling. Vaping Vamps ships all e-cigarette starter kits for free. Cartomizers and e-cigarette cases ship for around $2.00.

Compared to Vapor Couture, Vaping Vamps "comes out on top!"

Curious to know how Vaping Vamps compares to Vapor Couture besides price? Ecigarette Reviewed did a comparison on Jan. 24, 2013 and had this to say:

"Vaping Vamps just comes out on top. If Vapor Couture had better flavors, it would be a more viable contender, but at the moment it’s difficult to use at any length for that reason. Vaping Vamps, despite being a much smaller manufacturer, has more to offer the female vaper."

Read the comparison of the two brands here.


*Prices as of 11/13/13 


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