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E Cigarette Cases & Chargers

E-Cigarette Cases & E-Cig Chargers


E-cigarette cases. Black e-cigarette batteries. E-cig chargers. Elegant but reasonably priced.  


Our goal is to offer the best e-cigarette cases and e-cig accessories for the woman vaper to look elegant while vaping.

Women are loving our beautiful e-cigarette cases! We've shipped these gorgeous velvet-lined, black leatherette cases to women all over the world!

Two of our sleek, matte black electronic cigarettes fit neatly into thie e-cigarette case. It fits handily into your purse, unlike those cheap, metal, clunky e-cigarette cases we've tried but decided not to offer, because they didn't match the quality of our products.

Be sure to also check out our electronic cigarette chargers and single black electronic cigarette batteries at very reasonable prices. 

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