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E-Cigarette News!


Extra! Extra! Read the latest e-cigarette news as the e-cigarette is making waves all across the globe. We'll keep you updated as reputable news sources post articles and studies about the e-cigarette.



Can Electronic Cigarettes Challenge Big Tobacco?

Jan 8, 2013

E-cigarettes, invented in 2003, currently account for less than 1% of the $80 billion U.S. cigarette market. But they are growing rapidly: UBS projects that sales, which have doubled every year since 2008, will reach $1 billion in 2013.

Numbers like that have put Big Tobacco on notice. “Consumption of e-cigs may overtake traditional cigarettes in the next decade,” predicts Wells Fargo analyst Bonnie Herzog. “And they’ll only evolve and improve as time goes forward — at far less risk. The technology portion of it is sort of like Apple. This is just Version 1.”

Read more about how electronic cigarettes are challenging big tobacco.


Butting Out: New Yorkers Vaping Up a Storm With E-Cigs

Oct. 16, 2012

And it’s not just famous people—New Yorkers are struggling with their not-so-secret habits, too. 

Read more about how famous people and not-so-famous people are switching to vaping.




New Research Done on the Benefits of an Electronic Cigarette

Aug. 28, 2012

Researchers expect traditional cigarette smoking to cause 1 billion deaths during the 21st century through cardiac and lung disease. 

Read more about this research into e-cigarettes.



E-Cigarettes Not Tied to Risk of Heart Disease in Study




Fiery Debate: Is all the furor over e-cigarettes just a lot of hot air, er, vapor?

Aug. 18, 2012

As sales of electronic cigarettes soar in the United States, a flurry of new research does little to settle the fiery debate about whether they're good or bad for human health.

What's clear, though, is that plummeting prices are making e-cigarettes an increasingly popular and less expensive alternative to cigarettes. U.S. sales are expected to hit 5 million this year, up from 50,000 units in 2008, according to Thomas Kiklas, director of the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, an industry group.

Read the full article about why sales of electronic cigarettes are soaring the U.S. 



Do e-cigarettes help smokers quit?

May 2012

These battery-powered electronic cigarettes deliver vaporized nicotine without tobacco, tar, or other chemicals.

Read the full Consumer Reports' review of the e-cigarette


Study Finds E-Cigarette Alleviated Desire to Smoke

December 2009

More than 45 million Americans smoke cigarettes, the leading preventable cause of death in the U.S. Unfortunately, some stop-smoking methods, including nicotine gum and patches, are less effective than previously thought, according to a recent study in the journal Tobacco Control.

Enter battery-powered electronic cigarettes, which deliver vaporized nicotine without tobacco, tar, or other chemicals in regular cigarettes. 

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