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E-Cigarette Starter Kits

E-Cigarette Starter Kits

Choose from the 'Deluxe' or Try Me' E-Cig Starter Kit!

Our e-cigarette starter kits were selected by women smokers so you can enjoy the best e cigs and flavors. We're certain you'll love our products (we offer a 100% guarantee)!

We offer two e-cigarette starter kits:

  • The 'Deluxe Starter Kit' with two black e-cigarette batteries and five cartomizers in a beautiful gift box
  • The 'Try Me Kit' with one black e-cigarette battery and two cartomizers

We offer five delicious e-cig flavors. Every flavor was tested and voted on by our Vaping Vamps test panel:

  • Virginia. Classic tobacco, smooth and fresh
  • Mint Julie. Tobacco with a delightful mint finish
  • Caramella. Silky, rich caramel – without the calories!
  • Tia Berry. Sweet teaberry with a hint of wintergreen
  • Mango Lola. Freshly picked mango, smooth and sweet

What’s the right level of nicotine? We suggest you start with the equivalent to the particular kind of cigarette you smoke currently:

  • Ultra Light Cigarettes = Low 
  • Light Cigarettes = Medium 
  • Regular Strength Cigarettes = High 
You could also try our 'Tri-Level Kit' to find the right level of nicotine for you.* With this kit, you can start with a high level of nicotine (like a regular cigarette), then try a medium level of nicotine (like a light cigarette) and then a low level of nicotine (like an ultra light cigarette). It's a Vaping Vamps exclusive!
Cartomizers combine a cartridge and atomizer into one simple unit. Less fuss. Simpler to use. Lightweight. Inexpensive. Environmentally friendly.
Simply screw the cartomizer into the e-cigarette battery and you’re ready to vape! Our cartomizers give you lots of vapor and tons of yummy flavor. Each cartomizer gives you about 150 puffs, equal to about 5-8 cigarettes.
*Important Disclaimer: We can't promote the 'Tri-Level Kit' as a proven smoking cessation tool due to FDA guidelines regulating the e cigarette. 

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