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Electronic Cigarette Research

Electronic Cigarette Research

More electronic cigarette research is being conducted as the world discovers what over a million people already know.

The e-cigarette is a game-changer for both Big Tobacco and Big Pharma, which makes products such as the nicotine patchHere are a few major electronic cigarette research studies.

E Cigarette Study published in Addiction Magazine 


November 2011

There were 3587 participants. The median duration of electronic cigarette use was 3 months. Almost all (97%) used e-cigarettes containing nicotine. Daily users spent $33 per month on these products. Most (96%) said the e-cigarette...

E Cigarette Study published in Journal of Public Health Policy


December 2010

The issue of harm reduction has long been controversial in the public health practice of tobacco control. 

Recently, companies independent of the tobacco industry introduced electronic cigarettes, devices that deliver vaporized nicotine without combusting tobacco. We review the existing evidence on the safety and efficacy of electronic cigarettes. We then revisit the tobacco harm reduction debate, with a focus on these novel products. 

Read the full article here.


Survey: E-Cigarettes May Help Smokers Quit


Feb. 8, 2011

Read the full survey report here

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