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Free E-Cigarette Starter Kit

Free E-Cigarette Starter Kit


We'll choose one winner every month to receive a free e-cigarette starter kit!


We never want money to get in the way of a woman who wants to switch to vaping.

Budgets are tight for many women. For some, even our most affordable e-cigarette starter kit at $19.95 (with the Vamp5 discount code) is too expensive.

We get it. We know that the initial cost of the starter kit can be one of the barriers to switching to vaping.

Some women are concerned about e-cigarette safety. We've tried to allay their fears through our website and our YouTube videos that e-cigarettes are much, much safer than smoking. Millions of people have used the e-cigarette. The main ingredient is the same stuff that's in inhalers and nebulaizers, and so on. . . Anyway, we feel strongly you'll agree that between smoking and vaping, vaping is by far the safer product.

Some women are concerned because they're not sure they can make the switch. That's why we carry the 'Try Me Kit' - a single battery kit that retails for $24.95, but we liberally offer a $5 off discount with the code Vamp5. And we offer free shipping on all e-cigarette starter kits. 

For some women, even $19.95 feels like a big stretch. We never want money to get in the way of switching to vaping.

So we decided to give away a free e-cigarette starter kit every month. Simply sign up for our monthly  drawing, and we'll select one woman on the 5th of the month to be our lucky winner!

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