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Lose Weight by Smoking?

Lose Weight by Smoking?


BAD Idea.


If you’re wondering if you can lose weight by smoking, think again. You need a different approach or program. Smoking is not the answer!

hm-women-smok3.pngVaping may not be the way to lose weight either. But the e-cigarette can offer a nice alternative to snacking. It can satisfy those urges to eat during those times when you’re not hungry – you’re just in the mood for snacking.

The false idea that you can lose weight by smoking has been around for a long time. For years, tobacco companies have exploited the connection between using smoking and slimness. Just think of those advertisements for Virginia Slims (not to mention the very name). Brands like Virginia Slims with their longer, narrower shape target women and our self-consciousness around our body image.

Worried you'll gain weight after you quit smoking? Vaping can satisfy your sweet tooth!

While it’s unclear how many women try to lose weight by smoking, research revels that white female teenagers who are conscious about their weight are particularly prone to start smoking. And the media don’t help, either. For years, the media depicted women smoking, projecting a suave, svelte, sophisticated image.

We do know that nicotine is an appetite suppressant. Studies have shown that smokers expend more calories and that they also have heightened metabolic rates. Of course, if you’re vaping, you’re also expending calories and if you’re using nicotine, it’s likely that your metabolic rate is also increased.

Are smokers thinner than nonsmokers? There’s some controversy around that. Some studies have shown that smokers—including long term and current smokers—weigh less than nonsmokers and gain less weight over time. Conversely, other studies show no correlation between weight loss and smoking at least among young people. So while there is a connection between nicotine and appetite suppression, it’s still up for debate whether this actually means that you can lose weight by smoking.

So you make the choice. The fact is there is no conclusive evidence that you can lose weight by smoking. Nicotine does increase your metabolic rate and suppresses appetite. However, the health costs of smoking vastly outweigh this benefit of smoking. And vaping can satisfy your cravings.

Of course, we only recommend that you vape using nicotine if you are already a smoker. Otherwise, we suggest that you vape with a no-nicotine e-cigarette in one of our four delicious flavors.

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