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New E Cig User's Manual

How to Vape? How to Use Your New E-Cigarette


New to Vaping? Watch How to Vape!

How to vape? It's easy! It's simple! It's fun!

Here's our complete user's manual:

Congratulations on your Vaping Vamps starter kit!

Vaping Vamps was designed solely with women smokers in mind.

  • You’re getting the best, easiest and lightest e-cigarette at the best price.
  • You’re helping other women. We donate 5 percent of our profits to charity.
  • You risk nothing. Our 105% guarantee is the best you’ll find anywhere. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the kit within 30 days and we’ll refund your money, plus 5 percent.

Getting Started

Your e-cigarette may not be fully charged. If it doesn't produce vapor right away, please be patient. Simply plug it in using your USB and/or wall charger. The blue light will blink and then it is charging. Wait several hours and then you're ready for vaping!

Step 1: Remove the rubber “sleeve” from a cartomizer

Step 2: Screw a cartomizer into the battery

Step 3: Start vaping!

Vaping is similar to smoking – simply inhale on the cartomizer end. The other end will light up and you’ll blow out vapor! Hold your e-cigarette horizontally, just like smoking. Your battery will last about 1-2 hours before it needs to be charged again.

The E-Cigarette Explained

Your new e-cigarette offers many advantages over a traditional cigarette:

  • Four main ingredients (vanquish the vile chemicals in cigarettes!)
  • Lower cost
  • No second-hand smoke
  • Vape inside many bars, restaurants where smoking is banned
  • No stinky breath or smoky smell
  • Feel better about yourself 

Each cartomizer contains just four ingredients: vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), nicotine and flavoring. USD-approved, food-grade ingredients, VG and PG create the vapor you blow out.

Safety Information

Your e-cigarette is safe as long as you don’t tamper with or damage the battery or cartomizer. Also keep in mind:

  • Keep your e-cigarette away from anyone under age 18
  • Don’t use nicotine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Store your battery in a cool, dry place
  • Keep your battery charged when not in use so it will be ready for vaping

Your e-cigarette uses a lithium battery. When it’s completely dead, please recycle by bringing it to your local Target or Walmart, or find your local recycler at www.call2recycle.org. 

Next Steps

Cartomizer run dry? When you start to lose vapor and get a dry taste, it’s time to open a new cartomizer. Simply toss the old one. If you’re running out of cartomizers, order more on our website. Better yet, sign up to have cartomizers shipped to you every month!

Battery dead? If the “lit” end starts flashing, doesn’t light up and/or you’re losing vapor, it’s time to recharge the battery. Simply screw the battery into your USB charger and plug it into your computer, the A/C charger or a car charger.

Your battery should last about 2-3 months before you’ll need to replace it (see Safety Info. for how to correctly dispose it). Order another battery – or several – so you won’t have to resort to cigarettes.

Thank you for purchasing a Vaping Vamps e cig starter kit. Visit our website often to:

  • Check out the latest products and deals
  • Share your stories and hear from other vaping vamps
  • Read the latest confession of Vita, the Vaping Vamp

Tell your family and friends! Better yet, spread the love by giving them their own e cig starter kit! 

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