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510 Cartomizers. Boge Cartomizers are the Best!


All of our e-cigarette flavors got rave reviews from our Vaping Vamps test panel!

We sell 510 cartomizers (or Boge cartomizers) -- the best the industry has to offer. Boge was the first company to produce and develop the 510 cartomizer e-cigarettes.

The beauty of the Boge cartomizer is it combines the cartridge and atomizer in a single unit. And it produces a ton of vapor and flavor!

Choose your level of nicotine (zero, low, medium, high); each cartomizer equals about 5-8 cigarettes.   

Wondering which level to choose? Low = ultra lights, medium = light and high = regular cigarettes.

We selected our five favorite e-cig flavors after testing about 50 flavors. We're certain you'll find a favorite!

Choose from five yummy e-cig flavors! 

  • Caroline. Classic tobacco, fresh and smooth (formerly called Virginia)
  • Mint Julie. Tobacco with a delightful mint finish
  • Caramella. Creamy, rich caramel - without the calories!
  • Tia Berry. Tangy teaberry with a hint of wintergreen
  • Mango Lola. Freshly picked mango, smooth and sweet
A note on our prices: we sell five (5) cartomizers to a box for $9.95 (plus around $2 for shipping). Order more than one box and get $1 off each box! 

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