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Smoking & Weight Gain

Weight Gain After Quitting Smoking


Vaping Can Satisfy Those Cravings!


Worried about gaining weight after you quit smoking? Don’t be.

Quitting smoking and weight gain don’t have to go together. The reason women gain weight when they quit smoking is because they often substitute snacking to satisfy an oral craving.

hm-women-smok2.pngVaping yummy flavors is an excellent way to satisfy those oral cravings without putting either carcinogens or calories in your body. 

Smoking acts as an appetite suppressant and may slightly increase your metabolism as well. When you quit smoking, your appetite and metabolism return to normal. Also, your ability to smell and taste food improves after you quit smoking. This can make food more appealing, which may lead you to eat more.

Studies found that women are at greater risk than men to go back to smoking as a way to avoid weight gain.

Vaping yummy flavors can help keep you from gaining weight when you quit smoking. 

Of course, in addition to vaping, there are several other healthy choices you can make to ease the transition, such as exercise, healthy snacks and avoiding alcohol. Not only is alcohol high in calories, it can also trigger the desire to smoke. For many women, smoking when drinking is a natural.

Be good to yourself, and reward yourself for what you’re doing to improve your health. Treat yourself to a new e-cig flavor, go out and buy a cute new accessory or outfit to wear when you go out vaping on the town. Whatever it takes to give yourself the time it takes to bring out the Vaping Vamp in you!!

Remember, smoking and weight gain don’t have to go together. You can quit smoking without gaining weight. You just need the right strategy, tools and support.

Important Disclaimer: We can't promote the e cigarette as a proven smoking cessation tool due to FDA guidelines regulating the e cigarette. We also can't promise that it will help you to avoid gaining weight when you quit smoking. 

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