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Social Smoking or Smoking when Drinking

Social Smoking is Still Bad For You.


Vape an E-Cig and Stay With the Party!


Social smoking, or smoking when drinking cocktails at bars, events or parties is farily common. Now that we have an alternative - e-cigs for women - smoking when drinking is neither attractive nor smart.

Plus, you have to leave the party and go outside to smoke. What a bummer – particularly when it’s cold or rainy outside.

With e-cigarettes, you can vape inside vape-friendly bars and restaurants. You can vape inside your friends' homes -- even your friends who are non-smokers -- without leaving behind a nasty smoky smell. Your friends will be happy and you will feel better, too!

Vaping lets you stay inside with your friends and leaves no tell-tale smell. 

The short-term effects of smoking should put a damper on social smoking. Consider this well-documented evidence:

Increased urge to smoke. Research shows that alcohol actually increases your urge to smoke – even among light smokers. These urges are more profound when smoking and drinking because both nicotine and alcohol stimulate the release of dopamine, the “feel-good” brain chemical.

The more you drink, the more you want to smoke. Research found that people who drink alcohol are more likely to smoke and the heavier the drinking pattern, the heavier the "social" smoking.

Additional studies found a big difference in cigarette urges between two and four alcoholic drinks. Plus, these findings were observed in a non-smoking environment where there were no smoking “cues,” indicating that alcohol was primarily responsible for the urge to smoke.

Social smoking? Stay with the party! Vape and partay!

The occasional cig vs. chain smokers. Most studies that examined the connection between smoking when drinking looked at heavier smokers – people who smoked 10 or more cigarettes per day. But even when they took light, social smokers into consideration, they noted an increase in the urge to smoke after consuming several drinks.

Nicotine spurs alcohol cravings. Just as alcohol increases the urge to smoke, nicotine may cause you to crave alcohol. Scientific evidence found that nicotine use increases alcohol consumption, and the two addictions may work hand in hand, leading women to drink more excessively.

Double trouble. People who smoke and try to quit drinking are more likely to relapse, simply because nicotine may cause them to crave alcohol. And since nicotine addiction is so strong, women smokers who try to quit drinking face a more difficult problem than those who do not smoke, or than those who quit smoking and drinking simultaneously.

So if you had to choose, what’s worse: smoking or drinking?

Clearly, smoking carries a much higher cancer risk. Women who smoked for 35 years or more run a much (59%) greater risk of developing breast cancer, and their risk of lung cancer was 30 times that of a non-smoker.

So you choose. And if you think you're just "social smoking," just remember that you're playing with fire. 

For more information on the short-term effects of smoking, check out this article from Ask.com. 

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