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Vampstick (e-cigarette, no nicotine)

E-Cigarette with NO Nicotine. No Vices!

The Vampstick. No nicotine. No calories. Guilt-free vaping!

The Vampstick is an e-cigarette with no nicotine. But there IS a ton of delicious flavor!

The Try Me kit comes with one high quality lithium battery, two cartomizers and a USB adapter. You must have a computer to charge your battery.

The Deluxe kit comes with two lithium batteries, five cartomizers, a USB adapter and wall charger, all in a beautiful gift box.

The Vampstick (e-cigarette, no nicotine) is simply a battery with a cartomizer that's filled with flavoring, plus FDA-approved VG* and PG* to produce the vapor.

It might look and feel like a vice, but the e cigarette with no nicotine is actually a nice alternative to smoking, snacking and drinking. You get a ton of flavor when you inhale. And when you exhale, you’re blowing vapor – accepted in many bars and restaurants because there's no secondhand smoke.

The Vampstick can satisfy oral cravings – without any calories. Women love it because it delivers lots of flavor – mint, mango, teaberry and caramel were favorites of our testing panel – and lots of vapor that dissipates into the air immediately.

Think about how much fun it would be to vape your non nicotine electronic cigarette inside a bar or restaurant, surrounded by sweet smelling vapor. How about being in a restaurant and vaping a Tia Berry Vampstick for an after-dinner treat, without the calories?

Or sitting in a bar, vaping a Mint Julie Vampstick instead of ordering another drink?

Or waiting in the airport, vaping a Caramella Vampstick instead of a eating a candy bar?

Vaping is in vogue.

You, too, can be a Vaping Vamp! 

*Read about these FDA-approved ingredients. PG is in nebulizers and inhalers; VG is in many foods and drugs.

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