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Who Owns Vaping Vamps?

Women-Owned, Promoting Women's Health


Can I tell you a little story?

I started vaping when I quit drinking in 2011. I still enjoyed going out to clubs, listening to bands and socializing, but wanted to find something else other than coffee or club soda to replace wine.

I was introduced to e-cigarettes at a work gathering. I thoroughly enjoyed the flavor and sensation of vaping, even though I was never a smoker.



Maria Verven, Lead Vamp

My daughter Emma, age 21 at the time, had been smoking for three years. In fact, her story and mine are intertwined, and you can read about it here in our local paper, the Golden Valley Patch. To make a long story short, I bought her an e-cigarette. But only after doing a lot of searching online. 

I found what you may have found: a confusing array of brands of e cigarettes and websites where they looked like machine parts. I couldn't find any websites that truly connected with women, earned their trust by not just selling to them, but helping them understand what the e-cigarette is all about and the benefits of vaping.

By this time, I had dubbed myself the "Vaping Vamp," because I stood out from the crowd in a bar, surrounded by sweet smelling vapors. People would come up to me and ask what I was doing and were intrigued by the new e-cigarette. I knew I was onto something! 

My goal with Vaping Vamps is to vilify smoking, and extol the virtues of vaping. I hope that our site helps explain how to vape, why vaping is in vogue, and provides the valuable information you need to decide if you will join us in the sisterhood of Vaping Vamps!

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Calling other businesses who care about women's health

I'm not just a "Vaping Vamp." I am a P.R. counselor and former V.P. of Fleishman-Hillard, one of the largest P.R. agencies in the world. I counsel small businesses on P.R., SEO (search engine optimization) and web marketing, with the goal of getting them found online where they can connect with customers and grow their business.

As a woman entrepreneur, I'm always looking for other woman entrepreneurs to connect with. If you're a woman who also runs a business or two, I'd love to connect with you. The first place to start is on LinkedIn.

And if you run a business that is focused on women's health and beauty, such as health clinics, hair salons or boutiques, please consider becoming one of our valued affiliates.

E-cigarette reviewers are, of course, also welcome to become Vaping Vamps affiliates.

Thank you!

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