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Why Buy from Vaping Vamps?

The Best E-Cigarettes for Women! Seriously!

Why buy from Vaping Vamps? Because of all brands of e-cigarettes, Vaping Vamps is owned by women. We know you will love our e-cigarette starter kits and e-cig flavors because women just like you tested every product and flavor and we only offer the best e-cigarettes -- the ones they loved!  

We don't just take products from another company and mark them up (unlike another e-cigarette brand we know of). 

First, we assembled a focus group of women smokers. They helped us narrow our product selection to the e-cigarette styles and flavors that women preferred.

Our mission is to help turn smokers - even just social smokers - onto the many, many advantages of e-cigarettes!

Sleek black e-cigarette, simple two-part design

Some may wonder why created an electronic cigarette brand for women. The reason is simple: we wanted to select the best e-cigarette products, flavors and packaging that appealed to women while also offering the best prices we could.

Vaping Vamps is not the only one to target women with the e cigarette; Vapor Couture also targets women, although it is simply reselling (and marking up) V2 Cigs. And check out their pricing; we're sure you'll come back to us for the best value (and free shipping).

Our sleek black e-cigarette 510 battery is short and light and preferred by the women smokers on our testing panel over longer, heavier batteries. We were willing to trade length of time on a single charge for a lighter weight (our batteries last about 1.5 - 2 hours before needing a charge).

The simple two-part design was also preferred over the three-part design sold on other sites. Simply screw in the cartomizer and you're ready to vape!

These choices are preferred by women who are new to vaping and want the simplest way to get started. The e-cigarette is a fairly new product, and we wanted to eliminate confusion around which style of e cigarettes were the easiest to use and produced the most vapor (read our reviews). 

Our e-cigarette flavors were all tested by women smokers 

Our group of women smokers narrowed down a list of potential flavors from 200 down to 50, and then selected their favorite five flavors. We didn't just pick flavors because they sounded nice. We selected them because they tasted good!

Some flavors, like chocolate and coffee, sounded great but when we tested them, they didn't meet with unanimous approval. We only selected flavors that were a "5" on the "yucky to yummy" scale!

We stand by our products 100%!

Don't forget: we stand by our products 100%! We know you'll love our products, so it's easy to offer a full guarantee for your complete satisfaction. Read the 5-star rate review that rates our products higher than V2 Cigarettes!

And the final reason why we are the best electronic cigarette brand for women is perhaps the best. You’ll join other Vaping Vamps who, like you, have discovered the joy of vaping!

Read the latest confession by Vita, the Vaping Vamp and share your own vaping stories on Facebook. And get the secret e-cigarette coupon code for $5 off any starter kit!

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